ADU Action Quake 2 Grand Final: TDm vs MiT

ADU Action Quake 2 Grand Final: TDm vs MiT

The six week Action Down Under competition came to its grand finale in one of the biggest and most hyped showdowns of the tourney, TDm vs MiT.

Firstly, you're going to have to forgive the teleport from round three of the competition to the grand final, but there's a time sink I can't get out of right now. To do a quick recap, TDm led the table having been unbeaten all season with TFG in second place. This earnt both teams the right to move straight into the finals and avoid the playoffs. In the playoffs, MiT defeated TBH and DcG defeated Rev. In the semi's TDm defeated DcG and MiT defeated TFG. This put both TDm and MiT into the grand final in what some might dub a 'grudge match'.

MiT have been the only clan to have beaten TDm who, up until the grand final, had not dropped a map the whole season. MiT beat them two maps to one in a friendly before the tournament which saw a competitive bond form between the teams with both knowing there was the capacity for defeat. In the only game they played in the tournament TDm beat MiT in two maps with some controversy around Actcity2 (across all games) which saw the map removed from the competition list. This served to further fuel the tension between the teams before the final game. As a TDm player, it's tough coming into a grand final without experiencing a loss in the season with the only loss you've had coming from the team you're about to play. Especially a team full of exceptional 'x-factor' players. Playing the underdog is always going to be a challenge, especially when that dog has big teeth and weight behind it.

Individual players stats coming into the game from the season (excluding playoff's/semi's) were the following:


  Kills Deaths  Damage Accuracy Maps played   K/D Ratio Kills per map
Topdeck 248 149 47427 17% 10   1.66 24.80
Twisted 207 121 37063 15% 10   1.71 20.70
Logo 145 121 38825 27% 10   1.20 14.50
Firewalker 133 167 25835 12% 10   0.80 13.30
TOTALS 733 558 149150 18% 1.34 18.33



  Kills Deaths Damage Accuracy Maps played   K/D Ratio Kills per map
Drake 273 232 63717 23% 15   1.18 18.20
2tones 172 177 38414 16% 10   0.97 17.20
Cypress 131 169 24589 13% 10   0.78 13.10
Fraud 113 154 20696 16% 10   0.73 11.30
TOTALS 689 732 147416 17% 0.91 14.95


To say there were a few technical difficulties for the final game is an understatement. The server was changed twice in the first map due to ping issues and Drake continuously dropped and suffered lag until the final map. Twisted managed to delete all his skins to try and colour correct playing against blue (yes, we generally pick blue as he can't see it on some maps.. but so does MiT for Cypress) so he was busy fixing that. But, despite it all, it was an amazing game that was streamed and cast by Lordo and Snake. The twitch can be found here:, however the video will be uploaded to YouTube.

Maps played were Tokyo, Cliff2, Urban2 and Passin'. The first map was picked by the highest seed (TDm) with the loser picking the following maps.

Tokyo: 15-8 (TDm)

After much discussion in the TDm camp around what map to pick we decided Tokyo might be our best bet to feel MiT out. We'd played it the night before against DcG and, despite it being a brutal slog, we'd had the immediate practice against the team (DcG) who had claimed it rightfully as their own. The additional thought process was to try and give Drake less options to snipe at a distance, especially as the map allows better opportunities to gain the highground if you're 2v1 against an enemy sniper, and hopefully take the first win. Despite the server changes and close rounds TDm managed to pull the win with Firewalker wrapping up the final round nicely.

Cliff2: 15-14 (MiT)

What can I say, despite having initial reservations due to the map being off the finals list, MiT rightfully pointed out that I hadn't updated the Toornament website (gg) and we played it through. We knew this was going to be a tough map, especially with MiT's great movement and the minimal chance to find good positioning, and it proved to be exactly that. The first 6 rounds were close, however TDm managed to take up a 13-6 lead to then have a huge stumble with MiT asserting massive dominance after a stirring speech from Cypress. wining 7 rounds straight and eventually taking out the game 15-14. That was tense. Drake was absolutely dominant on this map, holding the sky position and giving his team the damage advantage and the ability to easily mop up.

Urban2: 15-11 (TDm)

Another gruelling game with the rounds being close until 9 (MiT) 7 (TDm) with TDm managing to do to MiT what they did on Cliff 2 and win seven consecutive rounds to eventually win 15-11. Not much more to add to this other than GG boys. Cypress and Twisted playing hard for both teams and Logo coming in with the final round clincher after an early celebration by Fraudy.

Passin: 15-5 (TDm)

Definitely a random choice as we were expecting either Deepcanyon or Murder, and a bit of a surprise as none of us had played it in a war in a very long time (or at all). The map had been played once by MiT and TBH in the regular season and had maintained its place in the finals list. Big shout out to Logo, our New Zealand representative, who's still wrapping his head around many of the maps that weren't played so much across the ditch, Passin' being one of them, tieing in first place with 21 frags. All done well past his bed time as well. Despite the scores being 15-5 they didn't reflect the tension felt by TDm, nor the general feel of the whole game, particularly with the two maps prior.

Overall, a massive, huge enourmous thanks to MiT and the TDm boys. It's been great playing with you and it was the most fun (yes, also stressful) game I've had in a very long time, closely matched with our game vs DcG in the finals. Thank you all for playing, it's been a good ride. 

For anyone who actually reads this, we're looking to host more games in the future and will update accordingly. Come join us on our discord.

Scores and stats for Tokyo to come when I can get them all together, changing servers lost a bit of info.

Action Quake 2 GF ADU TDm vs MiT Cliff 2 Score

Action Quake 2 GF ADU TDm vs MiT Cliff 2 Stats

Action Quake 2 GF ADU TDm vs MiT Urban 2 Score

Action Quake 2 GF ADU TDm vs MiT Urban 2 Stats

Action Quake 2 GF ADU TDm vs MiT Passin Score

Action Quake 2 GF ADU TDm vs MiT Passin Stats

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