AQ2World releases Action Quake 2 on Steam!

AQ2World releases Action Quake 2 on Steam!

It's been a minute since we've had any sort of update on the ol' Action Down Under website, so I thought I'd kick things off with some now (2 months) old news that Action Quake 2 has recently been released on Steam as AQtion!

The game is under active development through the Action Quake 2 World (AQ2W) team, which involves players around the world who have been keeping this game alive beyond the last two decades. The package itself is clean, easy to install and also includes the AQ2Pro addon and regular updates. The release has seen a large uptake of new players, specifically within the Europe and North American communities. Our humble part of the world has seen a small bump of activity, with the arrival of a few new consistent players, as well as the return of some older heads, particularly from Western Austrralia. It's no lie that AQ2 is an unforgiving beast; the skill gap between veterans and newcomers is huge, and the gameplay is somewhat (subjectively) 'outdated' in relation to modern shooters. AQ2World, and the Action Quake 2 community as a whole, are working on features to make the game more accessible. These include: global stats, achievements, a ladder ranking system and tutorial and training maps.

Grab AQtion (free, of course) on Steam:

You can find more info on the AQ2W Discord at:

And, of course, the ADU Discord:

We have more updates on the ADU community which I'll chuck up in a separate post.

- TD

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